Laurel Hill 
Memorial Gardens

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Each section  in our cemetery features a specific type of memorial. 
However, Flat bronze memorials, are accepted throughout.

The starting price of $1130 includes a basic 19" x 7" bronze memorial on a standard 24" x 12" granite base.  Larger sizes are also available at an additional cost*. 

These memorials can be customized to fit your specific needs with various emblems, colors choices, verses - and even photos. 
* Prices are based on size, color and the addition of any photos or extra words.

Base Price includes installation, sales tax and your choice of . . .

Granite Colors ... Sierra White - Royal Mahogany - Rockville 
                              *Additional colors are available at additional cost.

Bronze Colors ... Black - Dark Brown - Light Brown

Year Only - or - Full Dates  (month/day/year)

Emblem .... If sufficient space is available.

Verse ........ Can be replaced with your own personal selection.
                    Four words included with 19" x 7"
                    Six words included on larger memorials
                    * Additional words are $17 each 

Photos ..... Available in three sizes ... SM (#5) - MED (#4) - LG (#3)
                   which adds $463 - $545 to the overall cost.     

ailable  Payment  Plans

Payment in FULL ...
   Your memorial is included with outgoing orders and 
   scheduled for installation once the delivery is received.

Half Down ...
   Memorial is included with outgoing orders 
   Balance due upon delivery in 3 - 5 months.
   Installation scheduled upon receipt of final payment.

Monthly Payment ...
    A minimum deposit of $50 is required to start payments.
    Monthly payments can be scheduled over the next 12 to 18 months.
    Memorial is ordered when paid in full.
    Annual Interest Fee applied


Dark Brown bronze - Royal Mahogany granite


   Dark Brown bronze - Sunset Beige granite (upcharge)

   *Blue Oval represents Photo  (add'l charge for photo)


   Black bronze - Sierra White granite

   *Blue Oval represents Photo  (add'l charge)


   Dark Brown bronze - Royal Mahogany granite

   *Cardinal emblem can be replaced with Photo 

19" x 7"  Bronze Memorials

24" x 12" x 4" Granite


   Dark Brown bronze - Royal Mahogany granite

Guardian Angel 

Black bronze - Sierra White granite

Cross & Roses

   Dark Brown bronze - Royal Mahogany granite

Tea Rose

 Black bronze, Sierra White granite


Black bronze - Mesabi Black granite (upcharge)

Good Shepherd 

   Black bronze - Sierra White granite 

   * Blue Oval represents Photo  (add'l charge)

 Sacred Heart

  Dark Brown bronze - Royal Mahogany granite 

  * Blue Oval represents Photo  (add'l charge)

Music & Heart

Black bronze - Rockville Granite

* Blue Oval represents Photo  (add'l charge)