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Expressions in Bronze

Photos in digital format are used to create images in cast bronze.

To achieve the best quality, the best photos are required.

*see attached list of recommendations

Individual Memorials

24" x 14" collage include up to five photos

*Vases not included

Double Depth Memorials

16" x 24" can accommodate up to five photos

Side-by-Side Companion Memorials

36" x 13" accommodates up to six photos

*Vases not included

Tips for Choosing Photos

The highest quality photographs are necessary - to create the highest quality images.

                                        •  Photos should be originals - black & white or color. Duplicates are not considered an original.

                                                  Each time a photo is copied or enlarged, the overall quality is reduced and some clarity is lost.

                                        •  Avoid photographs that are washed out as the image will not be crisp and clear.

                                        •  The photograph should have good contrast and clarity to achieve desired results

                                                  For example, someone with dark hair or clothing is best presented in front of a light background.

                                                  Blurry or fuzzy photos will not provide the clarity needed to distinguish facial features or other details.

                                        •  Images that show shadows - will be reproduced with shadows.

        •  Indicate which portion of the photograph should be used - the entire photo or a certain person.

                                         •  Photo enlargements, low resolution and pixilated digital images will not produce desired results.

                                        •  Background photographs should be scenic, such as: the ocean, forest, open road, mountains, etc.

                                            Photographs that include individuals or groups of people cannot be used as a background.

                                        •  Any photograph needing to be retouched due to scratches, fading, etc. will incur additional charges.

Methods of Delivery


                                        •  Email: Scan and email photo to - with name in subject line.

                                        •  Share: You can share photos from your phone gallery in an email sent to the above address.

                                           Some phones, however, provide a lower dpi and those with lesser clarity cannot be used.

                                         •  Mail:Please identify and secure original photo(s) between layers of cardboard before mailing.

                                           Do not staple, bend or attach paper clips. A note can be enclosed or taped to back of photo.

Tips for Scanning Photos

                                       •  Make sure scanner bed is free of dust so particles do not interfere with photo clarity.

                                       •  Scan photos at a resolution of 300 dpi for a standard photo size of 3.5" x 5".

                                       •  Files must be submitted in jpg - or jpeg formats   

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