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Memorial Requirements

                                             Each Garden in the Cemetery Features a Specific Type of Memorial.

                                                   BRONZE  memorials on granite bases are accepted throughout the cemetery

                                                   GRANITE memorials are only accepted in a limited number of gardens

                                                                    Please refer to Memorial Map or contact our office for details

                                                   -  Minimum base size for an adult memorials is 24" x 12"

                                                   -  All bases must be GRANITE 

                                                   -  Granite from the state of Georgia is not accepted

                                                   -  Vases are no longer allowed on new memorials due to potential theft

                                                   -  Installation fees are included in all our pricing 

                                                      Installation fees are calculated at $1.15 per square inch (base size) 

                                                   -  Only FLAT lawn-level memorials are accepted*

                                                  *  Exception:  Family lots in Sections 2 or 4 with six (6) adjacent spaces are permitted 

                                                                          one upright monument (with 6 panels) placed in center of lot 

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